Introducing Replex Viewer

Replex is a viewer for accessing Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds. It’s based on Singularity source code. To see changes since the last Singularity release take a look at the changelog. There are no releases yet, but the current builds are available on the alpha builds page.

Replex is maintained and packaged by Latif Khalifa.

Special thanks to Singularity core development team:

  • Aur’a Færs (inusaito.kanya)
  • Shyotl (shyotl.kuhr)
  • Aleric (aleric.inglewood)
  • Siana Gearz

New Default Skin

Replex Skin
Replex Skin – click to enlarge

Contact and Support

No official support is provided. However, users are encouraged to join the Second Life in-world group where they can exchange information with other users. You can also email the maintainer directly at latifer

There is an IRC chatroom #replex on Freenode where the developers can be reached. You can use an IRC client or go to Freenode webchat.


This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.

Latif Khalifa

A Viewer for Second Life and OpenSim Virtual Worlds